• Half Marathon Start Time: 7pm
   (7th & Grand Ave. Downtown Los Angeles)

• Resolution 5k Start Time: 7pm
   (7th & Grand Ave. Downtown Los Angeles)

• Kids Fun Run Start Time: 5:00pm
• Start Location: 12th & Flower, Downtown Los Angeles
   (across from Staples Center)


Gear Check will be made available at the Start Line (7th & Flower St.) and will be open 6:00pm-7:30pm. Gear Check will then be relocated near the Finish Line and will be made available for you to pick up 8:00pm-Midnight.

*All clothing that is left after Midnight will be donated. Please note: DO NOT leave valuables, cash or jewelry in your gear bag. The event is not responsible for any lost items.

Each participant will receive a draw string bag at the Health & Fitness Expo when you pick up your packet that will serve as your gear bag on race day. Gear Check trucks will be arranged alphabetically and by truck number near the Start Line. Attach your gear tag to your gear bag before you leave it with the Gear Check crew. After the race, reclaim your checked bag at the designated Gear Check area.  Participants will only be allowed to use the bag given at the Health & Fitness Expo for Gear Check. All other bags will be not be accepted.


A Wave Start will be incorporated in the New Year’s Race Half Marathon & Resolution 5k. Both the Half Marathon & Resolution 5k participates will be assigned in the same corrals at the Start Line based on running pace. On the course, there will be “split signage” and course marshals to indicate where the two races will split on the course.

The Starting Line Corral system ensures a smooth race start for the multitude of participants at varying experience and fitness levels. Runners will be assigned a race number and corresponding corral based on the estimated finish time provided on the race entry form. Runners will be grouped in the corral with participants of similar running pace.


If you would like to change your corral and predicted finish time for your race, simply email this request along with your first name, last name, the mailing address that you registered with, and your new predicted finish time to customerservice@newyearsrace.com


All unclaimed clothing that was dropped or left behind at the Start Line will be picked up by a local community group and donated to charity.